Company Overview

Company Overview

XPS specialises in "on time, every time, door to door" deliveries of documents and packages throughout Southern Africa and the rest of the world.

XPS has 26 area offices around the country, and employs nearly 1000 people. We utilize over 400 vehicles various air brokers, and rely on sophisticated computer tracking systems to track each and every parcel's movements. XPS currently move in excess of 20 000 parcels per day. While XPS offers a generic range of courier and express freight services, much of our success and steady growth has been built on the platform of reliability and credibility that is essential to this type of business. So successful has this been; that XPS runs the total distribution services of various blue chip companies.

Our operational philosophy is that the activities within XPS are allied to the movement of time sensitive freight, and that the cost of a delay to the customer is higher than the cost of movement, irrespective of the premium attached to it.

XPS, a subsidiary of the South African Post Office, is committed to 100% compliance with government guidelines with respect to employment equity, and is well positioned to meet the requirements of the proposed equity bill. The constitution of XPS' board of directors is a reflection of this commitment.

In addition to this, at a micro economic level, XPS is aggressively promoting the owner-driver concept in support of its philosophy of empowerment.

XPS prides itself in the employment and development of all people, irrespective of group, and this practice is aimed at producing a workforce mirroring the population makeup of South Africa.

Address Details:

Jan Smuts Office Park
Unit 8
Jones Road
Jet Park