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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. Each have a link to the answer to that question. If you are unable to find what you are looking for below, please feel free to email your question to the following email address for assistance: speedservices@postoffice.co.za

To which destinations are deliveries made?

There are 26 branches in South Africa

When will it get there?

Depending on the urgency of your shipment XPS can deliver overnight by 8h00, 10h30 and 17h00. Their economy service will be delivered within 48 hours. If it is more urgent and depending on location they can deliver on the same day.

Do you have insurance?

XPS offers liability cover as an option on any shipment.
For more information please refer to our Products & Services

Do you courier this type of goods?

The Customer Service Centre can assist you with this type of information. 0860 000 977 or +27(11)961-3030 or alternatively contact your local branch.

Do you supply P.O.D's?

XPS provides electronic P.O.D's on line or can supply an imaged copy on request.

Can you pack my parcel?

In conjunction with a partner XPS offers packaging solutions to individual companies. For ad hoc parcels the packaging is the senders responsibility.

Will my parcel be there tomorrow?

XPS have a proud on time delivery record in excess of 98.8 %.

When did my parcel get there?

By using the tracking facility you can follow every step your shipment made through the XPS network including delivery times and who signed for the shipment.

Do you collect after hours?

XPS offers a 24 hour service at a premium.

Can I collect from your branch?

XPS offers a hold-for-collection service at its branches. It does not, however, stage large volumes of freight.
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Can it still be there today?

XPS offers a Sameday service between major centers. It also offers drive away options depending on geographical location and distance.
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What flight will it be on?

XPS lodges the shipments on the first available flight. lease note that a time window of one hour is required when lodging or receiving parcels from airports.
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Do you deliver tenders?

XPS delivers all kinds of urgent documentation where positive POD is essential.
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Do you collect from security?

XPS delivers and collects from security when requested. Please ensure that you stipulate this service when placing a collection request.
For more information please refer to our Products & Services

What type of goods do you not courier?

The dangerous goods described in (a) through to (h) may not be carried on aircraft under any circumstances:

blue arrow Explosives which ignite or decompose when subjected to a temperature of 75*C (167*F) for 48 hours.
blue arrow Explosives containing both chlorates and ammonium salts.
blue arrow Explosives containing mixtures of chlorates with phosphorus.
blue arrow Solid explosives, which are classified as extremely sensitive to mechanical shock.
blue arrow Liquid explosives that are classified as moderately sensitive to mechanical shock.
blue arrow Any article or substances, presented for transport, which is liable to produce a dangerous evolution of heat or gas under the conditions normally encountered in air transport.
blue arrow Flammable solids and organic peroxides having, as tested, explosive properties and which are packed in such a way that the classification procedure would require the use of an explosives label.
blue arrow The dangerous goods listed in Table 2.1.A (under IATA regulations) are forbidden in aircraft under any circumstances. It must be noted, however, that it is impossible to list all dangerous goods, which are forbidden in aircraft under any circumstances. Therefore, it is essential that appropriate care be exercised to ensure that no such goods be offered for transport.

Does XPS deliver overnight, nationally?

It does cover all major centers and regional offices. (See Branch Map)

Can XPS guarantee an overnight service?

It can guarantee an overnight service, provided the customer correctly fills out all documentation. The package must fit in with the specified dimensions and there must be no unforeseen environmental or criminal hindrances.

Does XPS offer a same day service countrywide?

It only offers a same day service to main centers depending on flight availability.

Does XPS collect Cross Border parcels?

It does deliver parcels cross border, unfortunately it does not offer a cross border collection service.